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Silicone Stacking Cups - Mutlicolor - Blue Shades

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Size: One Size
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- 100% food grade silicone
- Five cups
- Made in China
- Recommended for children ages 0-3
- Ø 10/4 cm, h: 4 cm of each cup
- Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe

Our silicone stacking cups allow your baby or toddler to explore their creativity and stack cups upon cups. Our Silicone Stacking Cups come in five cups in blue shades. Made of soft 100% food-grade silicone, our non-toxic and gnaw-able silicone teethers soothe your baby's growing teeth and gums while keeping their minds curious and creative. Regardless of your little one's age, they'll find joy in learning shapes, sizes, colors, and explore solving problems and develop organization and motor skills while building with our stackable cups.

Our stacking cups are easy to clean and tolerates dishwashers, microwaves, oven and freezer. They have a high durability and are very bendable, due to the flexible silicone.

Your baby’s health and safety is most important to us. Therefore all Bobbi silicone products are tested silicone products that meet the highest European standards for “food-safe” substances; the stricter German LFGB standard. All our silicone products are tested by accredited independent bodies. Food grade silicone can be a safer and more convenient alternative to plastic, due to its easy cleaning and hygienic properties, its resiliency and non-porous surface that does not allow harboring of any bacteria.

Bobbi Balloon is registered at The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Style no. BB1057
Color: Mutlicolor - Blue Shades

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Size: One Size

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