We Care

Since the very beginning of Bobbi Balloon, we have shared a
fundamental value – taking responsibility for the coming generations.
Creating an entire new clothing brand and adding on to the existing
industry might not seem like the optimal solution for that. 
However, by creating timeless pieces in superior quality, we believe
that keeping your baby interior and clothing, new purchases will become
needless. One of the most environmental enemies is textile
waste and this is what we at Bobbi Balloon oppose.
The Bobbi Balloon value is to have our customers follow the journey
alongside with us. We will frequently share blog posts of factory visits and
share relevant information about new fabrics used in our collections. 
How we care at Bobbi Balloon

The importance of knowing what the different products are made of and
where they are made and by whom is a Bobbi Balloon corner stone. 

Choosing the right materials

All our textiles are chosen thoroughly and the fabrics we use for our
clothes are chosen locally from Portuguese fabric manufacturers. It is
very important for us to only use high quality raw materials in order to
get the best results in both quality, comfort and sustainability and make our products that
last for a lifetime. All clothing fabrics are chosen and controlled according to the OEKO-TEX Standards Class 1 and also certified by SKAL/CONTROL UNION – EKO Label for the  manufacturing of
organic/biological cotton articles. This also applies to our terry fabrics.
It secures that none of our raw materials have been exposed to
any toxics, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

All our silicone products are made of 100% food grade silicone and are BPA, BPS, PVC, lead and phthalate free. Both the raw material and the manufactured materials are tested by a third party to ensure the approval of the highest standard, the LFGB standards. We are registered at The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and all our silicone products are tested by accredited independent bodies.


A sustainable approach to our partners
We have very high standards when it comes to choosing our manufacturers and suppliers. All are certified and meet various standards and certifications within environmental, social and  ethical sourcing (such as FSC, ISO, BSCI), securing safe working conditions, responsibility and sustainability.

Our suppliers and ourselves appreciate good relations and a reliable partnership, which is why we have created solid relationships with our suppliers around the world. These relations are based on trust, mutual interests and high standards. We have chosen our suppliers based on their EU location, meaning less transportation and hence less carbon emission and pollution, so that we can reduce our CO2 footprint on the planet.

Assembling and delivery of the finished products to end users
When choosing our suppliers, the distance between us and them has also been crucial, as transportation is one of the largest sources of carbon emission and pollution. Choosing suppliers in the EU means less transportation and with that reducing our transportation footprint on the planet.

All labeling and packaging of our products are carefully thought of and sustainable in every aspect. Our labels are made from organic materials and we do not use any redundant packaging, meaning we have limited all packaging and wrapping as much as possible, using no cardboard or plastic. Just the bare products. 

As stated above, we have limited the packaging and wrapping of our products to the bare minimum. So when ordering a product from our web shop, you will receive a product without any cardboard, plastic or other waste. Instead you will find your product(s) in a Bobbi canvas bag, that you can keep for several different purposes. 

Our orders are mainly wrapped in recycled materials, from the silk paper to the package and even our gift wrapping paper and ribbon are made out of recycled paper and plastic bottles.