Meet Bobbi

Once upon a time there was an air balloon.
His mommy was the sun. His daddy the moon.
Bobbi was his name and many friends he had,
Always there to help and never feeling sad.
One day little Bobbi came to a town,
He saw a girl crying and feeling so down.
“Oh my! Don’t you worry now, Bobbi is here.
Tell me my friend, what is wrong with you, dear?”
The girl dried her eyes and looked to the sky
“The wind took my balloon and made it fly!”
Bobbi let down of his ladder so long
“Jump in! We will find it, just come along!”
They looked to the left, they looked to the right,
The balloon wasn’t there. It was out of their sight.
“Oh Bobbi, it’s gone! It went up in the air.”
“But look in the tree! The balloon is right there!”
They got the balloon that was covered in leaves,
The fact that they found it was beyond belief.
Bobbi was a friend to everyone he met,
Spreading joy and hope, fighting every threat!