Our Story

Every story has a beginning. Ours started in June 2019 when
Theodora was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. With the birth of Theodora
we became fascinated with the idea of creating a brand where comfort
and quality are combined with timeless and classic style.

We started designing clothes and baby essentials for generations to
keep. Items that you would pass on to your children and grandchildren.
One year later we began the journey of developing Bobbi Balloon, a hot air
balloon floating in the skies and protecting newborns and children.

Our beliefs and vision resulted in a universe of Bobbi Balloon with
a wide range of products that help both newborns and parents
get through the first years.  

We are the Bobbi Balloon founders:
Carolin and Franz with our two children Theodora and Ferdinand 🤍

At Bobbi Balloon we believe in strong family values and old-fashioned
virtues such as trust, loyalty and support. We yearn for the past and its
personalities, possibilities and events. We celebrate heritage, the
“good old days” and feelings of “warm childhood”. 
"Bobbi Balloon is a world where French elegance meets
English class and Scandinavian simplicity."
We want our products to emit our values and we want them to be
classic styles that can be passed down through generations. Bobbi Balloon
is a world where French elegance meets English class and Scandinavian
simplicity. With high standards and great comfort we seek to create
timeless and long-lasting baby clothes, toys and essentials. 

Our focus lies on design, quality and sustainability.
All Bobbi Balloon partners share the same sense of passion
for quality and sustainability, which is why all products
comply with the highest EU standards.

Yours sincerely, 
The Bobbi Balloon Family