Our Philosophy

At Bobbi Balloon we believe in strong family values and old fashion virtues, such as trust, loyalty and support.

We cherish the beautiful proces of refinement and advancement in making clothing which went before us. This was ultimately why we chose to focus on bringing the same tireless dedication to quality and durability, along with a sophisticated, timeless look. We celebrate heritage, the “good old days” and the warm feelings of remembering your childhood.

We want our products to emit our values and we want them to be classic styles that can be passed down through generations. Bobbi Balloon is a world where French elegance meets English class and Scandinavian minimalism. With high standards and great comfort we seek to create timeless and long lasting baby clothes, toys and essentials. 

All Bobbi Balloon partners share our same passion for quality and sustainability, which is why all our products comply with the highest EU standards.